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Stainless Steel Conical Fermenter Details

This page is for detailing the conical fermenter that I had constructed.  I bought the following parts from the described supplier:

Item Description Supplier
12.5 Gallon Conical Hopper A stainless steel hopper, perfect for turning into a conical fermenter!

Price : $87 (See notes below)

Toledo Metal Spinning
17.5" Lid A matching stainless steel lid for the above hopper.

Price : $44

Toledo Metal Spinning
Two stainless steel tubes Thick walled 3/8" stainless tube, used for the legs of the fermenter.

Price : $24.23

Right angle Male/Female 1/2" NPT fitting For attaching the dump valve to.

Price : $6.39

Stainless 1/2" ball valve Dump valve

Price : $21.82

Welding work Form legs and attach to hopper.  Cut two holes in lid for air lock and one for a sampler hole.  Cut hole in point of cone, bore out threads from right angle fitting, weld to point of hopper.

Price : $50

In the end, it was over three hours of work, but they only charged me for the one as they thought it was fun work!  One caveat though!  I have to take some beer up to them when I brew the first batch with the fermenter.  Ok.


Total cost, $258 or there about.  A lot cheaper than any of the store bought conical fermenter!  So, if you want a conical fermenter and don't like the idea of forking out over $500 for a store bought one, think about making it yourself!  My understanding is the Toledo Metal Spinning has had so many calls from home brewers that they are planning on mass producing a conical for the home brew market!  It should be cheap, hopefully, they will do it well.

Now, since I  built mine, Toledo Metal Spinning have cottoned on to us home brewers and jacked their price up through the roof!  Unfortunately for many, the conicals are now unaffordable, even to make at home.

Click on any of the following thumbnails to be taken to a full size picture of the conical fermenter.

A view of the bottom of the fermenter where the 90 degree fitting was welded on.  It also shows the 1/2" stainless ball valve and quick disconnect fitting.
A view of the unit standing.  Shows how the legs work I suppose!
A view inside the fermenter, showing were the 90 degree fitting was welded on.
The lid.  I had two holes stamped in it.  One will be for the airlock and the second I plan on inserting a new DS18S20 for controlling the fermentation temperature.  I already have purchased the DS18S20 and some other bits and pieces.  Stay tuned and look for a Controlled Fermentation page!
The whole thing!
Lots of people have asked me how I seal it, so today, when someone emailed me, I was lucky enough to have a barleywine just brewed yesterday, so I grabbed some pictures.  This shows the eye bolts, cables and hooks used.
Showing the lid plate (two sheets of 8 ply screwed together, with holes to line up with the stainless lid and the eight flat plates used to thread the eye bolts through.


McKenzie Brewing is operated by John Fraser, this site should be used as a reference only!  Electricity and water do not mix well and may take your life.  Use at your own risk!

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